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12 benefits of using a professional cleaning service in your home

Professional House CleaningDo you believe that employing a professional home cleaning service is a luxury? Do you tell yourself that you can do this work yourself, thus saving money? Well, if you have plenty of time and energy and enjoy cleaning, we urge you to do your own housework – it can be, after all, a productive form of exercise. But for most others we can mount a persuasive case for employing a top-tier professional home cleaning service such as DBG Cleaning. And that, far from being a luxury, having your home professionally cleaned makes good economic sense – and is also a good move for your health and your relationships.

12 practical reasons why you should have your home professionally cleaned

Your time is limited If you’re working, whether outside or at home, you will be squeezing in your cleaning into an already crowded schedule. The chances are that you will be tired and disinclined to do extra duties when cleaning time arrives. This means you are likely to do a once-over-lightly job in many critical areas, skip others altogether and generally rush. As a rushed job is never a thorough job, much of the not so obvious dust that causes allergies and the bacteria that can cause sickness will be untouched.

You need to rest and recharge  If your job is your livelihood, it is critical you give it your best energy and approach it with a positive attitude. Consider that few managers will promote employees who are working below par or are irritable. So you need to recharge and refresh when not working, and this means spending your precious downtime doing what you enjoy, and not on chores.

You will have more time with your family  If you have a family, an overload of domestic chores will cut into the time you could spend with your loved ones and affects the energy you bring to your relationships. If you have pets, more free time means more play time, which is good for their physical and mental well-being – and yours, too. 

Your leisure time will be guilt free  If you’re trying to fit cleaning into your schedule but sometimes fail because you really do need to put your feet up, those neglected chores can niggle at you, spoiling your relaxation time. If you call in a professional cleaning company such as DBG Cleaning, you will enjoy more peace of mind.

Using professional domestic cleaners often makes good economic sense.
Using professional cleaners
makes good economic sense.

You will be healthier A professional home cleaning service does deep cleaning. For example, DBG Cleaning's teams move furniture to get to all the grime, dirt and dust in your home, we use step ladders to get to ceiling fans (we have full injury and damage cover, by the way) and we use commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. This last is important, for a top-quality vacuum cleaner will suck up dirt, dust and pet detritus a domestic vacuum cleaners will not shift, and unlike some domestic models it won’t blow any of it out again. Because we clean so thoroughly, your home will be a more sanitary place and its environment will be less likely to trigger allergies.

You’ll have fewer distractions An untidy and unclean home is not good for your concentration. If you are running a business from your home or have brought work home from the office, a cleaning chore left undone can tempt you from the task at hand.

You’re getting on in years  If you’re an older householder, it is possible your eyesight is not as keen as it once was. So you might not see the grime build up on the floor around the fridge, the dust collecting in the corners, or worse. Weekly or monthly professional cleaning working to stringent standards will ensure your home remains a healthy environment.

You’ll be less likely to have a household accident Your cleaners will clear away the clutter, which will lessen the likelihood you will trip or fall.

You’ll cut your shopping bills  DBG Cleaning uses its own cleaning products and equipment, which means that while you will most likely keep some cleaning products on hand for spot cleaning, you won’t spending so much money – or time reading labels – in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket. And you may never need to replace your own equipment ever again!

You’ll be getting professional expertise  Unlike some people who clean their own homes, professional cleaners know their products and use exactly the right one for the job at hand.

You'll be getting high productivity  Professionals know which practices work and which don't and their experience makes them efficient, so their time in your home will be highly productive.

Your home is your investment  Your home is not just a mirror of you and your personal values, it is a major investment. As such, it should be maintained and cleaned well to maintain its value.

What we offer DBG Cleaning Cleaning can regularly deep clean your home  – it could be weekly, monthly or some other arrangement as you call the shots. If you think some areas of your home need more attention than others at different times, we can customise a plan to suit.


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