Our three-in-one cleaning mini-blogs will take you from the living room to the kitchenHow to clean an LCD TV, how to clean a plasma TV. to the bathroom as we discuss how to clean a plasma TV or LCD TV screen (or a tablet screen or smartphone screen), a coffee maker and a hairbrush (and how to sterilise a wooden brush). A common thread is the use of natural products. Vinegar is used in two of these processes, and tea-tree or eucalyptus oil in the third.

Dog on clean hardwood floorThe rich colour and texture of a hardwood floor give a home a warm and welcoming ambience. They look beautiful in their own right, too. But that beauty has a demanding side. They need TLC – thoughtful loving care. Cleaning a hardwood floor is not something you can launch into blithely. You must think about what you are doing, especially initially, when determining just what lies beneath your appreciative toes.

How to Clean Walls

Did you know you can use baby wipes, WD-40, hairspray and even bread to remove stains — ink and crayon included — from your walls? Here is your complete guide to cleaning your walls, whether they are painted with oil-based paint or water-based paint, or wallpapered with antique or modern paper, or made of cork or brick or varnished wood ...

Declutter a home
If you’re feeling irritated or even a little oppressed by the clutter in your home but cannot spare a block of time to tackle it, the good news is that effective decluttering can be done in small steps and by practising some basic principles. Even better, if you decide on the small-step approach, you might find the greatest challenge is stopping when you complete one. So, here are our 10 easy steps on how to declutter your home and improve your mental wellbeing.

Professional House CleaningDo you believe that employing a professional home cleaning service is a luxury? Do you tell yourself that you can do this work yourself, thus saving money? Well, if you have plenty of time and energy and enjoy cleaning, we urge you to do your own housework – it can be, after all, a productive form of exercise. But for most others we can mount a persuasive case for employing a top-tier professional home cleaning service such as Bee Power. And that, far from being a luxury, having your home professionally cleaned makes good economic sense – and is also a good move for your health and your relationships.

Moving Out CleaningReclaiming your bond need not be a scary business. Knowledge is power, it's said, and if you know the law and how the process works and do the right thing, you should be ready for most problems. This blog draws on information provided by the NSW Department of Fair Trading, Tenants NSW and the State Library of NSW and should help you understand your rights as a tenant.




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